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Mix resin: What are the mixing and pouring tips for the Arte Kit?


We always recommend using PPE such as a face mask, nitrile gloves, safety glasses for protection and working in a ventilated room when working with Resin. This is standard with any kind of resin.


PLEASE NOTE: We recommend to mix resin only when you know what you’re going to create, avoid letting it sit in the container.
Separately, pour equal volumes (1:1) of ARTE RESIN A and ARTE HARDENER B into a measuring cup each. Make sure the two components are in the exact same amount. Don’t eye-ball amounts, use a scale or a measuring cup:
* Room temp. ideally should be around 21C/70F
* Mix both Resin A and B into one container (use a vessel that is wide), pour resin first, then hardener and stir slowly the equal portions of ARTE RESIN A and ARTE HARDENER B using a spatula for a couple of minutes.
* Mix for 2-3 min MAX
* Mix small batches and pour soon after mixing
* Do not use power mixers
* Stir gently as if it was tea, not pancakes batter
* When adding colors or pigments, stir them using a spatula until you have a constant uniform color.
* Add pigments at the end of mixing and don’t over mix, pigments in general speed up the curing process.
Start pouring your resin, to avoid bubbles during casting, pouring must be carried out slowly at a single point, allowing the resin to flow. Using a heat gun can also help you to remove undesired bubbles once you’ve finished pouring.

Curing is recommended at 21 C.The Approx.curing time is from 6-8 hrs. In Resin Art Flow we take pride about ARTE's qualities of being one of the fastests resins to cure for your second coats.

For Arte Kit we recommend pouring a maximum of 1/8 Inch per application until it cures. Once after curing if you wish to add another layer on top, you can do so.

Additionally we suggest you to refer to our Video Tutorials for more in-depth tips and knowledge.