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Brenda Truscott



Brenda Truscott is a self-taught abstract artist from Coldstream, BC with a quirky, humourous spirit. Under her brand, Drinks On Me, Brenda creates functional artwork like her best-selling coasters and charcuterie boards, using resin to add to each piece. Her inspiration comes from the layers of blues found in turquoise lakes and tropical beaches, and resin reminds her of the waters she loves. Brenda’s greatest joy is knowing that her art has inspired people around the world—it reminds her to keep moving forward on her artistic journey and push herself outside of her comfort zone.

QUOTE: “Resin is a lot like water, as it has a mind of its own. You can’t direct it, or make it do anything. I love the unpredictability of resin.” —Brenda Truscott