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Yes, it is! Both of our Resins, Arte and Rio Flow have a UV Protection formula. Also our bottles are closed with nitrogen inside instead of air, which greatly benefits the shelf-life of the resin for at least a year under normal storage conditions, making it very strong against yellowing issues.
When storing, we recommend after opening and even before, not to expose to direct sunlight as it can risk for coloration (yellowing), if sunlight is too strong or excessive. Otherwise you should not have a yellowing problem with any Resin Art Flow Resins.
Resin from Resin Art Flow is specifically designed to have low density, that way bubbles that are trapped when you are mixing can be released effortless. Air is more frequently trapped on high density resins.
We take pride on being one of the most (if not the most, according to some of our artists), crystal clear resins available on the market. We would invite you to check our Instagram account (@resin_art_flow) for examples of work done by clients and to see the results.
* Pour resin first, then hardener
* Make sure the two components are in the exact same amount. Don’t eye-ball amounts, use scale or measuring cup
* Use a vessel that is wide (for heat dissipation)
* Mix for 2-3 min MAX
* Mix small batches and pour soon after mixing
* Do not use power mixers, 
* Stir gently as if it was tea, not pancakes batter
* Pigments in general speed up the curing process. Add pigment at the end of mixing and don’t over mix
* Room temp should be around 21C/70F
* We recommend to mix resin only when you know what you’re going to create, avoid letting it sit in the container
For Arte Kit we recommend pouring a maximum of 1/8 Inch per application until it cures. Once after curing if you wish to add another layer on top, you can do so.
For Rio Flow Kit we recommend pouring a maximum of 1.5 Inches per application until it cures. Once after curing if you wish to add another layer on top, you can do so.
Under normal conditions, our resin has a 1 year shelf life span and also, inside our bottles we replace air with nitrogen to avoid oxidation and avoid yellowish coloration overtime.
You can work with it indoors no problem. Resin is not flammable and our resin has minimum smell, undetectable. But we always recommend using a face mask and gloves for protection. This is standard with any kind of resin.
We would recommend going with the Arte Kit for small thickness jewelry such as the DNA type.
In case you would like to do thicker pours for bigger pieces that measure beyond 1.5' Inches of thickness then we would recommend going with Rio Flow.
If you have any other questions please reach out to us at or through social media. We promise a response within 24 hrs or less within business days.