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James Barker

Arte Resin & Rio Flow


"A proud husband and father of two little girls, James Barker has a passion for family, and for woodworking. Based in Toronto, Ontario, he completed his education in carpentry at Conestoga College, but for 17 years found himself pursuing a career with PepsiCo—until Covid struck, and life was flipped upside down. With work and other activities such as hockey and sports on pause, James found himself working with wood again, rekindling his passion for carpentry and founding Barks Custom Carpentry, where he now creates woodworking masterpieces highlighted with resin. “I had to find something to do with my night time hours after the kids fell asleep, so I started making useful things around the house … one thing led to the next, and now I’ve been running Barks Custom Carpentry for over a year! Holy cow!” - James "