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Jessica Shelton



As a part-time artist, Jessica Shelton is a mixed-media artist who has a passion for working with alcohol ink and resin, and incorporating glass and crystals into her resin works. As Aesthetically Jess, she paints intuitively and finds it a therapeutic process. Jessica finds her mind spinning of all the potential artworks to be created daily, actually often she has trouble sleeping at night if she is hit with a sudden inspiration to create. She first discovered resin while browsing Pinterest and was immediately drawn to beautiful abstract resin paintings that were done in a dirty pour style. Jessica’s favourite type of pieces to create lately are resin abstract geode art pieces as she just loves the way each layer of resin brings the pieces to life.

QUOTE: “Resin is a messy and unpredictable medium, but I find it completely mesmerizing.I started with resin waves, but now the majority of my pieces are glam abstract geodes.” —Jessica Shelton