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Jill Jacenko



Jill Jacenko is a self-proclaimed newbie to resin, but fell for it hard! As The Woodworking Girl, Jill is a fabulous female woodworker and resin artist who started out making charcuterie boards with turquoise inlay, then stumbled upon resin. As she watched other people create, she was hooked and began to teach herself. She pulls her inspiration from other makers in the resin community and has been enjoying participating in local markets. Jill is constantly growing, learning, and exploring new techniques. As a marketing professional first and foremost, Jill’s world as a concert promoter was greatly impacted by the pandemic, so she shifted gears to focus on her hobby making live-edge wood charcuterie boards. She is loving this new path, and says she wakes up daily with excitement about trying something new to delight her clients.

QUOTE: “I definitely have the “resin obsession” —Jill Jacenko