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Francesca Dalla Benetta



Born in Italy and now residing in Mexico, Francesca Benetta has a unique eye for both sculpting and visual art. Having worked in special effects on films such as Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, she loves exploring new things, and is now taking a step outside the world of cinema to embrace sculpture and other means. Inspired by surrealism and fantastic realism, Francesca explores the dimensions of self-identity through her beautiful artwork, using multiple media. Her work is notable in displaying anatomies and mixed forms combined with different textures and skins, resulting in hybrid creations. Her focus is on provoking new feelings and thinking, which is why she embraces sculpting and uses neutral color palettes.

QUOTE: “My favourite material is clay. I love touching what I use to create: it is one of the most pleasant sensations experienced, and it makes me stay really in tune with my art, through a very physical plan.” —Francesca Dalla Benetta