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Your artwork deserves high quality resins, you
deserve an affordable price

You want your work to be appreciated and admired. You need quality resins you can afford so price doesn’t hamper your creative expression or eat into your profits.
Resin Art Flow resins have all the quality specifications that you look for at an affordable price.


Resin Art Flow products preserve your artwork, so it remains as beautiful as the day you created it.


Our resins' water-like transparency, low viscosity, UV resistance, hardness and low deformation index will preserve their beauty and original traits of your creations a very long time.

Environment friendly

Resin Art Flow resins are carbon based, odourless and free of VOCs - (volatile organic compounds)


Whether your art is a leisure activity or part of your business, you’ll get the highest return from our resins.

Our products


For artists who use resins for coating or encasing smaller objects. With its water-like transparency and low viscosity, it’s ideal for jewelry, small castings, thin pours, coating art and photo surfaces, and more…

Rio Flow

Woodworker’s favourite, specially formulated for thicker pours. With a benchmark low viscosity index (200 cps), 5-hour work time, zero alpha colour transparency (same as water), UV resistant, 80°C deformation point and 1.5” max pour at a time, it is ideal for river tables, counters, furniture and larger encapsulated objects.

Arte clay

Part of the ARTE resin family, ARTE CLAY allows you to model and sculpt art objects freely.

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About us Welcome to Resin Art Flow!

Resin Art Flow, a Canadian company based in Vancouver, BC with distribution in Canada and US, was established to provide the highest-quality of resin art products at affordable prices and enhance the creative experiences of resin artists and woodworkers with the most demanding industry standards.

Along with our exclusive manufacturer and laboratories, we have developed a unique resin formula for artists and curated a selection of products that meet and surpass the technical features of other resins available in the North American market.

Our manufacturing partner (NUCEQ) has over 50 years’ experience developing and manufacturing epoxy resins for different uses ranging from electronics to art.

Resin Art Flow’s understanding of artist's needs and NUCEQ’s deep technical experience, make a hard to find combination in the industry that we are sure you will enjoy the result of our vision and make Resin Art Flow a mainstay of your creative process.